Send a Singing Telegram Greeting

Brighten your friends day with a Personalized Singing Telegram! That's right, just like in the old days you can send a Singing Telegram that SINGS YOUR FRIENDS NAME. Add a special message and a photo to make it the Best Greeting they have ever received!

Available for many song styles like Birthday, New Born Babies and lot's of other occasions. Let's get started by sending one NOW!

Don't just send an eCard or even a physical card when you can send a song that sings their name. It's kind of like getting them one of those old fashioned "Singing Telegram" but it's faster, cheaper and a whole lot more fun!

  • You can Send Unlimited Personalized Greetings with 30 second Sample Songs.
  • Or you can send One Free Full Length Song with a Greeting.
  • Additional Full Length Songs are available for purchase when you send additional messages or continue sending messages with sample songs for FREE.

It's Super Easy To Do!

  • Type in your friends name and select the matching pronunciation.
  • Select a song that SINGS THEIR NAME in one of our Personalized Songs.
  • Add a Personalized Message and attach a picture for the occasion.
  • Send The Greeting to your Friends/Family via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.
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